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Scubamax 7mm Titanium Neoprene Dive Boots


Scubamax 7mm Titanium Neoprene Dive Boots

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This is the 7mm Tech design, puncture-proof high-top dive boot. Featuring vulcanized rubber, a hard sole and a SupraTex reinforced arch for improvement on flexibility and durability. Additional features include a convenient fin stopper and full length zipper. 

  • 7mm Titanium neoprene for added warmth & comfort
  • Rust-proof YKK zipper to ease putting on & taking off
  • SupraTex (a Kevlar like material) over the foot arch for extra flexibility and comfort
  • Rubber toe and heel cap for improved durability
  • Puncture-proof black hard sole and heel fin strap stopper