Check back in late Spring 2024 for more details on this year's Labor Day Weekend Scuba Camping at Indiana Dunes National Park in Porter, Indiana!


LSC has a great track record of affordable local camping and scuba journeys. Each scuba annual camping trip, meticulously planned over the Labor Day weekend, is designed to ensure a truly memorable experience. The destinations chosen by LSC are carefully curated for their close proximity to Chicago and the breathtaking beauty of the aquatic landscapes, ideal for diving. From the rolling hills of Upper Wisconsin to the picturesque landscapes of Western Ohio, Southern Illinois, Missouri, and Western Michigan, LSC has explored an abundance of magnificent locations. The organization takes pride in ensuring that every aspect of the trip is taken care of, from securing the campsites to planning the diving excursions and providing a selection of culinary delights, allowing the rest of the experience to unfold organically, with group feasts, stories by the bonfire and games, resulting in lasting memories and newfound friendships.