Instructor Apprentice

Everyone here at Learn Scuba Chicago, outside the store staff, are volunteers. Some of our instructors join the program as instructors, and others work up through our internal programs. Our Instructor Apprenticeship (IA) program is designed to advance our graduating Divemaster Candidates, outside instructors, and divemasters to teach how to work with and develop our volunteer staffing, coordinate water events, and teach the more advanced courses.

The process is rather intensive. Engraining the participant with LSC policies and procedures, familiarizing them with our staff, students, and vendors, and tuning their teaching and leadership abilities. Our instructing staff is expected to chair or co-chair at least one of our various committees and serve as senior leadership within our organization.

Most graduates from our IA program continue to volunteer as full Instructors within the program to satisfy their charitable service desires in a fun scuba environment.
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