Embarking on a journey to the picturesque Philippines Island of Mindoro and the charming city of Puerto Galera, we were enveloped by the splendor of its natural wonders. Our days were spent exploring the magnificent fields of soft coral and encountering the multitude of unique nudibranchs that call its waters home. Navigating through the turquoise depths of the ocean aboard traditional double rigger canoes, we marveled at the breathtaking beauty and diversity of the underwater world.

In addition to our awe-inspiring diving experiences, we also took the chance to give back to the local community. Our visit to a small village was marked by the presentation of educational supplies, medicine and clothing, which we brought from our home as tokens of generosity. We cherished the day spent in the company of the village children, playing games, singing songs, sharing meals, and forging meaningful connections.

The evenings were filled with the indulgence of local cuisine, the creation of new friendships, and the cherishing of our collective experiences. One particularly memorable evening was spent in the euphonious rendition of Kpop karaoke, an event that still brings a smile to our faces and laughter to our hearts.