Scuba Trip 2015: Key Largo, Florida

May 2, 2015 – May 9, 2015

Why Key Largo, Florida?

Key Largo might be located in Florida, but when you’re there it feels like you’ve flown into a completely different world. It is full of abundant wildlife and top destinations for scuba diving. With 100’s of dive locations in the Florida Keys, this is the perfect place to dive for any type of diver. Doesn’t matter if you are just beginning or an experienced diver, they’ve got anything from unique coral formations to century-old shipwrecks. Check out some of the awesome pictures above that we took the last time Learn Scuba Chicago was at Key Largo!

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Come join the country’s only not-for-profit, full-service scuba company on a dive trip to Key Largo, FL

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Why go with us?

How much will it cost me?


$100per dive
  • 5 days of diving
  • 2 night dives
  • Choose your dives!


  • Chicago to Miami
  • Chicago to Fort Lauderdale
  • Special pricing currently


$1050for the week
  • Stay at a house
  • Ground transportation
  • Special events