Hi gang:

March Madness comes to an end next week as the Easter Bunny hops into town.  And the weatherman says warmer weather is in store.  It’s time to get wet.

I want to use this spot today for a little story.  Over the years, I have spoken with many former students returning from a dive trip – often to complete their checkout dives.  Without fail, they rave about their experiences here and there.  They gush about feeling like the most prepared student among the group that they dove with.  It offers great warmth and pride to me.  Yesterday, I heard a different story.

One of our former students returned from a rough experience, after finishing his check out dives with us!  He had spent a week of boat diving that began with him feeding the fish throughout the first day.  He said that we didn’t warn him to take the sea sickness pills.  I think it was tongue in cheek, and he hit the waters in very rough conditions.  But he learned the hard way and returned his second day better prepared.

We try to instill as much real life information during your time with us.  One of the benefits of working with so many different staff members is the opportunity to hear different messages.  And there is so much important information to convey – I expect you can still remember the overloaded feeling that hits you the first day at the pool.  But by the end, we do a pretty darn good job preparing you for your next adventure.

Boat diving, beach diving, recreational diving in general is a different animal than the controlled quarry and pool environment while you learn under our supervision.  One fantastic way to extend your education after you become certified is traveling with a scuba group to your first adventure.  Most scuba clubs are full of experienced and professional divers.  And most of us are professional divers because we love it, we love to share, to teach, to lead – not to find great riches and early retirement.  So when you take a trip with a group – be it a long adventure to an exotic foreign location or even a short scamper to a local diving hole – you are getting your education extended, without any additional tuition.

We plan scuba camping trips as well as trips requiring airplanes.  Every time, Learn Scuba Chicago travels with members of our staff – the same crew you met at the pools.  And we love to show you the ropes to diving on boats, in mines, from shore, etc.  Aaron is a staple on these adventures, with his boat load of cameras, just waiting to share a few tips and a lot of pictures.  Personally, I have been part of every trip – and take pride in preparing my group to execute highly safe, fun and organized excursions – and I might even tell a story or two.

But regardless of who you choose to travel with on your scuba adventures, if it has been awhile, or never before, consider joining a scuba trip and soak in all the information you can.

Remember, take your pills – and Bubbles Up

Capt Bob