Youth Program

Learn Scuba Chicago Youth Program has been established since 2014 and offering various scuba diving classes for young people from ages 8 to 17. Our goal is to create a safe, fun, and accessible environment for young people to explore the world of scuba diving. Contact us if you or a group are interested in participating!

LSC recognizes that scuba diving is a costly and training-intensive endeavor. However, we believe that people from all socioeconomic backgrounds should have the opportunity to experience the joys of the underwater world. As a non-profit organization, we aim to provide financial support to those in need, facilitating the participation of students who would otherwise not be able to obtain scuba certifications or experiences. For each program listed below, scholarships are available that will cover the full costs and include everything listed. Scholarship recipients must still meet eligibility requirements and fulfill the requirements in the allotted time. Contact us today to request a scholarship application!

Discover Dive

Who: Ages of 8 to 17 

Designed for kids to get a chance to have a new, adventurous experience. They will breathe underwater in a fun, convenient session conducted in one of our many pools in the greater Chicagoland area! After a briefing and basic explanation of skills and equipment, kids can suit up and dive in. Under the water, we have a number of enrichments and games to play to keep the fun going.

We have discover dive options for both individuals and groups. Contact us today to determine which is right for you!

Junior Open Water Certification (60ft)

Who: Ages of 10 to 17

Our recreational scuba diver courses include lessons in dive theory, mastering skills in confined water, and final checkout dives to test the student’s knowledge and ability in open water. Once you successfully complete your training, you are allowed to dive within the recreational dive limits around the world. The lessons take place as elearning, though accommodations can be made- just get in touch. Confined water skills will be conducted in one of our pool partners around Chicago and the open water skills are conducted at Haigh Quarry in Kankakee, IL. This 60′ certification is good for life!

Youth Scuba Diving Camp
Who: Ages of 10 to 17

The LSC Youth Scuba Camp aims to create a fun and accessible environment to certify young divers, develop their dive skills, become confident leaders in the water, and build a sense of community with other divers. This one week long camp with not only cover basic dive skills, but also touch on underwater conservation, safety skills, and leadership. Camp participants will also have plenty of time to simply have fun and enjoy the challenges inherent to scuba diving!

The program includes elearning materials upon registration; mask, snorkel, neoprene socks, and signal sausage to keep; 5 pool sessions and 2 open water sessions. Upon completion, you’ll receive a 60ft Open Water NAUI certification which is good for life!