Discover Dive — $75

Want to experience something you’ve only ever dreamed of? Join Learn Scuba Chicago for the opportunity to finally see what you’ve been missing! Breathe underwater in a fun, convenient session conducted in one of our many pools in the greater Chicagoland area. After a briefing and basic explanation of skills and equipment, you can suit up and dive in. This is only the beginning to a life long journey of excitement and exploration in the underwater world. Your Discover Scuba Diving adventure will give you an idea of what to expect when getting certified. Sign up today to enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

As long as you are 8 years or older, with no major medical condition(s), you can participate.

You’ll get to experience scuba diving in “confined water” in any of our four pools. Along with a small taste of the skills you’d perform in your certification training, you’ll get to swim and play around with fellow divers and our staff. The amount of water time you get depends on the pool you attend, but will always be at least 30 minutes.

A comfortable bathing suit (any style) and a towel, we provide the rest.

Come into the shop! We’ll have you fill out some paperwork and get you set up with all the information you’ll need.

Let’s get you certified! Or perhaps you’d like to introduce your friends and family to scuba, and throw a Discover Dive party. Either way, you’re guaranteed to want more.