Aloha and Welcome to the 2015 Season!

The best way to rush in the Spring of the year – get wet!  To help you, we offer a variety of specials over the next few months.  On Groupon, Learn Scuba Chicago adds a special deal on the NAUI Passport Diver cert.

At the store, we are offering a full NAUI Scuba Diver cert for $325 and the PADI Open Water cert for $350.

Plus, we offer so many ways to get a deal on your advanced certification.  Join us on our trip to the Florida Keys and receive 25% off your Advanced cert (plus a variety of other non-public deals created just for our traveling companions).  Don’t want to go to Florida?  How about Costa Rica?  Same deal there – and we head down there in October.  If you simply want to get it done here, ask Sera for 10% off just because you are a fan of the shop.

On a different note, Learn Scuba Chicago became a ‘not for profit’ corporation last year.  Our team has always worked to bring scuba to military Vets, disabled individuals and kids without the best opportunities – now we made it official.  Feel good shopping with us knowing that revenue generated through our able-bodied training and gear sales goes to fund these charitable efforts.

Wanna do more? You have met some of our DMCs.  These divers are volunteers and receive free training in return for their time and efforts.  We also have a special needs team and groups that work our kids and Vet programs.  We always have room for you.  Just send us an email.

A little too much commitment?  Join us on a trip.  Whether far away to Florida or Costa Rica, or closer to home on a weekend scuba camping trip, every trip includes some conservation effort or event.  Makes you feel even better about visiting your underwater friends.

Let’s talk about trips: what you really should know about our trips is that these are true group adventures.  We rent large mansions and estates so that we are together for the week.  We do some barbecuing, go out for dinner, huddle over the pictures from the day and, obviously, dive together.  There are multiple vehicles so groups can pare off on their own.  And there is always a strong LSC contingent ready to help you navigate through your diving adventurer.  You want a professional partner, we got ‘em for ya!

In May, LSC returns to the Florida Keys for their third annual adventure.  We love this trip because it is convenient and easy to reach.  More importantly, the conservation events are simply excellent.  On the first full day, we dive and then the AWARE program comes to us teaches us how to identify all those colorful creatures and then count them.  The power point presentation on fish identification is amazing.  Then, on our last day of diving, we team with the CORAL RESTORATION group.  In the morning, they teach us how to care for coral and then we travel to one of their sites and help them move, manage or cultivate the coral.  This is the only time you will ever be encouraged to touch coral.  Traditionally, about half the crew is LSC staff – so if you are lacking confidence, one of us will dive with you.

In late June, we begin our scuba camping adventures.  These low budget, close to home excursions are unique to Learn Scuba Chicago.  Our first trip will be to St. Louis to dive the mines during a weekend treasure hunt annually hosted by Bonn Terre.  We will camp out Friday through Sunday.  If you don’t have a tent, no problem, there will be plenty.  Take a car, bus, a train – or jump in the LSC RV as we invade the south.

To end the season, LSC takes its first international adventure.  Off to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  This beautiful, democratic country hosts some of the world’s best diving.  We have secured a beautiful estate and plan to offer extra adventures in zip-lining and hiking plus in-house massage and a house chef.  Sounds expensive?  Similar pricing to Florida – only the airfare will be more pricey.  Like all of our trips, the diving and extra adventures is a la carte.  Want to dive daily – or more?  No problem.  Want to take a few days off and explore – we got you covered.  This trip is very limited in space and we expect to sell out.  (No price announced yet – but 4 out of 12 spaces already have deposits down.)

Finally, if you haven’t been to the store for a while, you should.  Sera is our new store manager.  Some of you might remember her as the large store manager DMC.  (Irony here – she is quite small)  Well, she is back!  Sera has revolutionized the store while carrying on Ashley’s amazing customer service.  Go in and see what specials Sera has this week.  She is a swell lady and you will be glad you stopped in.

Well, that’s a lot.  Best I get back to my day job…  Personally, I cannot wait to get back in the water.  Don’t bake like a sea lion – get in and dive this year.   And remember, bubbles up.  –Capt. Bob