Well, the LSC camping scuba season has closed. Personally, I think it was a tremendous success. I want to thank everyone that joined us for the adventures. I will now have a new stock of stories to share (you may have heard, I like to tell stories sometimes…)

I real extra special shout out to George P and Aaron – vets of all three trips. George and his ridiculous cookies and Aaron’s patience and general nice-ness really were great to have around each time.

If you went on a trip with us, please post somewhere, your thoughts, suggestions, etc about the trips. I think next year, we will back down to two trips, Door County Pt. II and a new destination. Maybe we will even try to extend the Door County trip by a couple days…there was soooo much more we could have done and dove there!

At any rate, thanks again to everybody the that traveled (and especially to the support group at the store) for making these three weekends memorable and awesome.