What should I wear?2017-02-24T20:23:00-06:00

All of our dive locations have locker or changing rooms that you can use to change into and out of your swim attire. We recommend coming a little early if you plan on doing this so that you can get the most out of your scheduled pool time.

Ladies: A comfortable swimsuit that allows you to be active and move around in. We do not recommend strapless bikini tops. You may also wear shorts and/or a rash guard, (which we sell at the shop), that will keep you a little warmer in the pools and help you get into and out of your wetsuit at the quarry.

Guys: A comfortable swimsuit that allows you to be active and move around in. You may also wear a rash guard, (which we sell at the shop), that will keep you a little warmer in the pools and help you get into and out of your wetsuit at the quarry.

Your DMCs are totes amazeballs. How can I be one too?!2014-04-30T22:31:10-05:00

We offer a DMC (Dive Master Candidate) Internship. Over 25 people have completed, or are in the process of finishing up, this internship; this includes every staff member you work with in the pools.

In exchange for training up the certification ladder, you will work pool and quarry sessions. You’ll complete your training while learning LSC’s protocol in and out of the water. You can start with zero experience and work your way up to Dive Master and possibly even Instructor.

We plan awesome trips throughout the year, in which you can complete your checkout dives. Non-divers are always welcome!

Talk to Bob or one of the DMCs for more info about the program, and contact the shop for future updates. It’s a lot of work to become a Dive Master, but definitely a fun adventure!

Do you have any recommendations of destination dive shops?2014-04-30T22:29:12-05:00

Our staff has worked with dive shops all over the world, from Lake Michigan, to Mexico, to Australia, and would love to share some insight. Send us an email with where you plan on going, and we’ll gather up the best advice we have, and help you find your perfect spot.

Do you service regulators or BCDs?2014-04-30T22:27:40-05:00

We are certified to:
-service and inspect cylinders
-service and perform regular maintenance on TUSA Regulators
-service and perform regular maintenance on Oceanic Regulators and BCDs

*Prices vary. Please allow a week, at most, for services.

What vendors do you offer in the store?2017-02-24T20:23:00-06:00

Stop by the shop or give us a call to check out gear and ask any questions.

Dive Gear

  • ScubaPro
  • ScubaMax
  • XS Scuba
  • Deep Blue computers
  • GoPro
  • Watershot

Camera Gear

  • GoPro
  • Watershot
  • Backscatter
  • Olympus
Are there any costs outside of the certification?2017-02-24T20:23:00-06:00

Each student planning to get certified needs their own mask, fins, snorkel and signal sausage. These items and other cool gear can be purchased at our shop, with weekly sales and very competitive prices.

If you plan on doing your Open Water checkout dives with us, you will need a waterproof timepiece and a signal sausage.

The quarry we attend has a $20/per person/per day admission fee that everyone has to pay. Outside of that, there are no hidden fees.

Do you do parties/private Lessons?2014-04-30T22:24:48-05:00

We love to host Discover Dive parties for any occasion: Birthdays, Family gatherings, Corporate Events, it is always a fun time! We can host up to 15 people in the water, and many others on deck support. Please contact the shop to get group pricing and plan your event today!

We do not usually do private lessons, but will consider it under some circumstances.

How big will the classes be?2014-04-30T22:22:22-05:00

It depends on the location, but we always have more than enough staff to fit the classes needs. We always provide one on one attention when needed. Class max is displayed in the pool info on the left, when you click the location-Pool on our calendar.

How do I schedule my dive(s)?2017-02-24T20:23:00-06:00

1. Please click the schedule tab, under Courses on our homepage. Each student must create an account under their personal email address. If you have a party of 6 or more, please contact our shop for help.

2. Update your user and gear information. Check your inbox for the email you provided, to receive further instructions.

Note: Our schedule gets booked very quickly during the summer, so sign up as soon as possible.
Note: Sometimes our scheduling system has trouble with Internet Explorer, ye be warned.

I’m nervous! What if I can’t do it?2014-03-17T07:36:51-05:00

Don’t worry! We’ve had hundreds of students get certified to dive – Nervous Nellys included. We teach at YOUR pace. If you’re not ready for the next step, we will work on a particular skill until you have fully mastered it. There is no time limit to finish a certification, and your safety and comfort are our Number One priority. If you decide diving is not for you, we will refund you for that session.

Do you need medical clearance to dive?2014-01-21T20:50:16-06:00

Yes – you will fill out a medical questionnaire before starting any dive activity with us. If a medical issue is identified, you will need a doctor’s approval before diving. If you fail to disclose a medical condition you assume any responsibility or risk associated to that omission.

Is there any equipment I have to buy in order to take the class?2014-01-21T20:48:57-06:00

Yes – each student needs their own mask, fins and snorkel for all certification classes. These items and other cool gear can be purchased at The Shop. You do not need to provide anything for a Discover Dive – we will bring everything for you!