I have been quite lax in my writing. We have a new website – 6 months in the making – an it’s gonna be amazing.

Some really brief updates:

  • Whole new group of DMCs!!! Come see our fresh faces – what a crew – just keeps getting better.
  • SCUBA CAMPING!!! NUF Said. But I can’t stop there. If you didn’t get out last year, you want be to be in this year. Two trips. Diving, camping, games, fun, stories, DMC skits, pet friendly – cheap.
  • Dive trips: Key Largo II – done, in the books and stories to e told. Key Largo 2015 is booked and ready for guests! St. Thomas – booked – we will tell you all about it. Next up: How about some white water rafting on the Gauley in West Virgina. Google it then contact us – Early friday to Sunday trip with luxury and budget options.

That’s all for the moment. With any luck, the next blog will be full of razzle and dazzle!