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Destination Dive Trips

Do you dream of tropical breezes and sun-kissed skin? Do steel drums sing in your subconscious? You may think your island adventures are out of reach from the Windy City…not any more! Travel the world with LSC as we explore the depths- and have a great time doing it!

LSC typically takes two trips a year outside of the Midwest. We aim to escape the hustle and bustle of the city on these week-long dive trips. Our adventures are structured so that we hit some great dive
sites, make new friends, and focus on fun! Depending on the location, we offer tiered pricing based on room type and number of dives- these trips are fun for divers and non-divers alike! We also offer plenty of extra fun activities. Check out our past dive trips below and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming adventures!

Key Largo, FL | 2015:


2013 Rocked. 2014 was amazing. 2015???

Another mansion and back to dive with Captain Slate’s. We will be staying in the upper Keys between Largo and Marathon Island. But book your airfare now – you can get R/T to MIA or FLL for about $200!!!

We will plan to dive Sunday afternoon after the Reef presentation for those on the 5 day plan. Night dives will be scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday will be diving for Coral Restoration Group. House barbecue on Wednesday. We will cap this trip at 14.

Pricing: $1050 covers your room, ground transportation and special events (plus snacks and BBQ around the house – you know how we roll…) – Get $100 off if you book before March 1

$100/Dive – 5 day trips and 2 Night trips – you decide how much diving you want to do!!!

Get your Advanced Cert deeply discounted too! Or do your check out dives in the warm waters of the Keys!

Required: Mask, fins, snorkel, SAUSAGE SIGNAL
Strongly recommend: Dive computer (we will offer a non-public special to our travelers – check about and order early.)

Costa Rica | October 2015


Finally, LSC goes international!!! Costa Rica here we come!!!

We head way south to the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Stephanie has found an amazing villa and Bob has the dive plans in the works. We are also thinking about zip-lining, hiking, maybe even a day trip to visit Ashley and her new home.

Dates are set for October 17 to October 24.

There will be a strict 12 person limit.

There will be conservation events, there will be the option to dive as much as you want to dive. We expect the price to be just north of $1000 for lodging, ground transportation and conservation events. We are still working on the other important things like diving and food. We have already booked 6 out of the 12 spots – so get in now and hold your space.

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands | July 2014

SOLD OUT QUICKLY and it is no wonder why! We headed to the island over the Fourth of July to celebrate America by blowing some bubbles. Students and Staff swam with Sea Lions and even got a few kisses from them!

Islamorada, FL | April 2014

Our journey back to the Keys landed us just south of Key largo.  This time, we landed a very large private estate that included a pool, guest house and boat!  With a motley crew 15 strong of a variety of backgrounds but a common love for scuba, we invaded South Florida and stormed the underwater world with 5 days and one night of crazy diving.

From exploring the beautiful reefs to fighting crazy currents to land on sunken wrecks, we safely navigated our 8 days of fun in sun.  Several LSC DMCs traveled among the group and provided guidance and insight throughout the week.  Several divers achieved their Advanced certifications, while others moved forward toward divemaster and instructor.  Overall, our group proudly demonstrated great confidence and ability while enjoying some great weather, water and diving.

LSC also began its conservation theme for our traveling group – and leaped into action with a fury.  Early in the trip, we participated in a fish identification and counting seminar presented by REEF that enabled us to contribute data to their efforts throughout the week.  Later, we spent a day working side by side with Coral Restoration.  In one of their ocean based nurseries, we got our fins dirty cultivating coral in preparation for restoration transplant.

By the end of our vacation, we were all pretty spent and enjoyed a day pursuing other interests, varied among the group.  Some opted to hike the everglades, a few wandered north for a day on South Beach and a handful stayed back to spend some relaxing time on the water.  From top to bottom, beginning to end, this year’s Key Largo Adventure was an enormous and rewarding success.  I think we all are already looking forward to next year.

Key Largo, FL | March 2013:

Our inaugural dive trip was a raging success! Six brave souls headed south to Key Largo to enjoy seven days of paradise at a waterfront mansion. We certified one Open Water Diver, took a few on their first night dive, and even re-acclimated one very brave mom to diving after a 20 year hiatus. In addition to seeing an underwater Jesus, dancing with a shark, and channeling our inner Ariel, we hiked, tanned and ended up gaining three DMCs!