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Casual Refresher — $50

Are you a fellow underwater adventurer, but its been a while since you dove? No worries, we’ll get you in tip top shape in no time with our refresher course!

If you are planning on heading out on a trip soon, or just want to reacquainted with the underwater world, come join us at one of our many pool locations. Our crew will help you ease back into your sea legs, and get you as comfortable as you were when you first got certified!

You must hold a certification to take this class, as it is a review of skills you’ve already mastered.

You’ll be able to practice assembly and dis-assembly of gear, and remember what it’s like to carry all that weight with you above and below water. After a short briefing, you’ll reconquer skill sets, and then practice anything else you’d like, especially buoyancy.
You’ll need to bring your own mask, fins, and snorkel, as well as a bathing suit and towel. If your in need of something, please find the best gear at the most affordable prices at our shop.
Join our dive community!We have plenty of events and trips to get you back into the swing of things.

University Course — $250

Are you a student, faculty, and/or staff member interested in taking a scuba course at your University? We currently teach a 6 week course at University of Chicago and Northeastern. If you think your school needs a scuba program,we do to! Get in contact with us by email or phone.

You’ll complete the book portion, along with required testing, to understand the fundamentals of scuba, in classroom sessions at your University’s facility. Then, you’ll master different skill sets, as you finish up your training with 5 confined water dives.
You will need your own mask, fins and snorkel. You can purchase gear from a variety of brands, styles and price ranges directly from Learn Scuba Chicago’s shop. All other necessary gear will be provided for training sessions.
Finish up your full certification, by joining us at the quarry for two days of open water diving! These are offered at a discounted price of $175. You could also receive a referral from us, and finish your open water dives while on vacation.

Snorkeling  $29

Not ready to plunge to depths unknown, and would rather splash around on the surface? Snorkeling makes every vacation that much more memorable, and allows you experience and witness unimaginable sights. We’ll prepare you to see all the water’s wonders from afar, and even free dive down to get a closer look.

You’ll get personal training on the fundamentals of controlling your buoyancy on the surface, and get comfortable with mouth breathing. Once you feel set with those skills, you’ll begin to practice free diving, in which you hold your breath and use force to push yourself underwater. The more practice you get, the better, so sessions are unlimited.
You will need your own mask, fins and snorkel. You can purchase or rent gear from a variety of brands, styles and price ranges directly from Learn Scuba Chicago’s shop.
Now that you’ve mastered skills on the surface, let’s get you breathing underwater! Nothing beats being able to stay down and hang with the critters, so sign up for a Discover Dive today! If you know you’re ready to jump right in, our Naui Scuba Diver Certification is waiting for you!


CPR/First Aid – by request