Meet the Staff

<strong>Bob Huff</strong>
Bob HuffLSC Treasurer, Board of Directors
General Manager, Travel Chair, Course Director
Captain Bob started Learn Scuba Chicago (LSC) in 2008 out of his garage with a hope to bring the easygoing Pacific scuba subculture to Chicagoland. In 2014, Bob and his Learn Scuba Chicago team decided to broaden scuba diving access and education to include under-served communities such as veterans of war, low-income students, and individuals with disabilities. Since 1992, Bob has logged nearly 2,000 dives; he is a certified Course Director for NAUI and earned the rating of Master Instructor for PADI. Bob is a Chicago native, graduate of Northwestern University, and has earned a doctorate degree in law. He holds a Master Captain’s license issued by the US Coast Guard, and is also a private pilot.
<strong>Aaron Solomon</strong>
Aaron SolomonLSC President, Board of Directors
Assistant GM, Programming Chair, DMC/IA Co-Chair, Instructor
Aaron joined Learn Scuba Chicago in 2012. Scuba became his passion, and he soon became a permanent member of the LSC team. You can find Aaron at the quarry searching out the paddlefish, playing guitar, or doing some computer programming!
<strong>Josh Laabs</strong>
Josh LaabsLSC Vice President, Board Directors
IT Chair, Instructor
Josh brings 10+ years of professional experience as an award winning graphic designer, and B2B marketing creative. He is the designer and builder of our organization’s website and branding. Josh helps lead our marketing team.

Josh is a self-professed underwater GoPro junkie, and has even licensed video to the Weather Channel, so bring your video questions to him! He loves tropical reef diving, is a volunteer diver at the Shedd Aquarium, and his favorite variety of underwater sea creatures is the octopus.

<strong>Marj Calinog</strong>
Marj CalinogLSC Secretary, Board of Directors
Gear Maintenance Chair, DMC/IA co-chair, Instructor
Marj started her Learn Scuba Chicago relationship as a student in 2012. She quickly became a valued member of the company. One of the original three scuba “Angels,” Marj has been instrumental in growing both our staff and student base. Her favorite Dive spot is the Bahamas!
<strong>Sue Huff</strong>
Sue HuffLSC Board of Directors
Sue is responsible for helping guide Bob’s vision into a reality. Her encouragement, leadership and financial support allowed LSC to come into existence and grow into the exciting adventure it is today.
<strong>Tim Wedryk</strong>
Tim WedrykLSC Board of Directors
Fundraising Chair, Instructor
Tim has a passion for water. He was on the swim team in high school, and college. He earned his Open Water Certification from Learn Scuba Chicago in 2012, and has since become a scuba instructor. Tim brings his experience as a high school teacher and coach to help develop scuba skills with his students. His favorite dive destinations to date are Kona, Hawaii, and Key Largo, Florida.
<strong>Casey Filer</strong>
Casey FilerLSC Board of Directors, standards & procedures chair,
Casey brings vast experience in formative research, process evaluation and grant writing. After joining LSC in 2013, she has continued to develop the mentoring program and recently checked diving the Galapagos off her bucket list!
<strong>Andrea Wendlandt</strong>
Andrea WendlandtLSC Board of Directors
Veterans Committee Chair, Divemaster
Andrea joined Learn Scuba Chicago in 2013. She rapidly embraced the organization putting her efforts towards our HSA and Veterans/Military discover dives. You can find her on our fundraising committee, diving the Florida keys, or working at the shop on the weekends!
<strong>Stephanie Haney</strong>
Stephanie HaneyTravel Co-Chair, Marketing Co-Chair,
, Instructor
The last scuba “Angel,” Stephanie became certified through Learn Scuba Chicago in 2012, and never left the organization. After joining the water staff, Stephanie was the driving force behind moving LSC to a registered non-profit organization.
<strong>Sera Sousley</strong>
Sera SousleyStore Manager/Operations Manager, Event Planning committee chair
Sera began her scuba career with Learn Scuba Chicago in 2011 as a Divemaster Candidate. She brings vast experience in retail and marketing to the organization having earned her BS in Fashion Merchandising and Management and worked in the field for 9 years. Sera earned her second degree recently from Roosevelt University in Environmental Sustainability. She advocates for anti-shark finning campaigns, and her favorite dive spot is Niihau, Hawaii.